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Let’s Go Travelling – Part I (And a free Checklist)

Have you ever been stranded? It’s SCARY. There we were setting out with the triplets and the weather outside was very cold indeed, so much so that the car got stuck! Oh noes!

I have and it is a terrifying little thing, which is why each year we get prepared for winter driving and I have produced a winter car checklist.  We live in beautiful rural Herefordshire which means that we have to be prepared when it comes to winter weather.  More so DaddyBoy who often travels over some treacherous roads in the winter. 

Since moving back to the West country we have become much more prepared for bad weather and both have emergency packs in our cars. We recently got snow tyres for our vehicles fitted at Kwik-Fit Tewkesbury, found via CompareTyres.com. All you need to do is go on CompareTyres and put in your postcode and vehicle registration – it will do the rest and save you money.

Now here’s some more tips for you saver mummies. x

Winter Car Checklist

Omg let’s try it.

  1. Feline Litter – Don’t giggle yet a sack of feline litter is important. You sprinkle it under the vehicle tyres and over where you have to drive and it assists with footing. When I was growing up my Dad (not my hubby but my real daddy) dependably have a touch of floor covering in the vehicle for a similar reason, yet then he needed to get out and get the rug.
  2. Wool/foil Blankets – Fleece covers are so economical and pack up little, they are ideal for cuddling under on the off chance that you do stall out, yet additionally to put under the vehicle tyres once more. I two or three them and furthermore several foil covers too.ter/nourishment – I have a jug of water in the vehicle if there should arise an occurrence of crises. I additionally have a container or two of grain bars and nuts. They are immaculate should we stall out and need something to nibble on.
  3. Foldable snow scoop. We have one of these in every one of the carsthat we purchased in the deals two or three years back.
  4. Vehicle scrubber with a brush. I am not graced with tallness, so my windscreen scrubber has a long handle and furthermore have a brush at the opposite end. Ideal for substantial snowfalls.
  5. Wrap up light – there is nothing more awful than stalling out and going for you burn just to discover the batteries have run out. I adore my little wrap up light therefore. The Daddy Hubby has one that additionally has a radio as well., Perfect for on the off chance that he stalls out.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, great stuff. I got stuck in the snow once and it was a really riveting story that I tell everyone, even now 15 years later.

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