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Bobby’s First Mobile – Reviewed

We all worry about our kids’ tech time and now that my son, Bobby, 4, has got his first mobile phone (lucky kid-mine was a BIG OL’ BRICK at the age of 16), it’s vital I’m in control of his usage and feel able to protect him at all times. Bobby and I were kindly gifted a mother and son matching iPhone X several weeks ago which immediately saw us put the Family Link app to good use.

Hubby distracted by his phone!

There are obviously, serious worries around youngsters having telephones, with the dread of a lot of screen time, access to wrong info, peculiar apps, spending, and web based harassing and fortunately the Family Link (link) application tends to these, guaranteeing kids get the best out of tech while guardians and watchmen can protect them observed.

We both like the security a mobile phone brings and the reality, if necessary, Oliver has an approach to get in touch with me or any other individual, in a crisis. He as of late became mixed up in the play region of a lodging we were remaining at and had the capacity to telephone me immediately. Telephones can likewise be animating, instructive and fun.

Oliver cherishes informing his companions after school by means of the multiplayer amusement, Roblox, and he similarly appreciates Doodle Maths, an instructive application he demands to take a shot at, each and every night (no joke). He is just 4 however so requires instruction in positive telephone use and this is the place the Family Link application comes in.

In the UK, phones are expensive. But hubby works hard so he can afford to gift us with nice things. Luckily in this case the iPhone came with a free gift found on It is associated with both of our mobile phones all the while and enables me to stop any applications being purchased without my pre-endorsement, or substance saw without me approving alone telephone first. These valuable notices which spring up when Oliver endeavors to watch/purchase enable me to affirm or square applications from the Google Play Store and oversee in-application buys.

I can even conceal applications from his gadget on account of the Family Link application, and all from my very own mobile (iPhone).

So overall I would say this is a great phone and brilliant idea for kids to get into mobiles safely – without their screen time becoming a huge issue.

  1. do you know what this made me laugh. you’re so good with words maria. i wish i could write so well. all the best to you. xo

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