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My review of Dont Rock The Boat

A 3D boat and 2-piece water wave are assembled, and 16 pirate penguins are divided according to the number of players. The object is to balance your pirate penguins on the boat without making it tip. Players take it in turns to place their penguins standing up on the boat, wherever they wish. As soon as the boat rocks and one or more penguins fall over the game, or round, ends. The last player before the player who rocked the boat is the winner.

Recommended ages: 5-15 years

We all love playing games and are really starting to get into turn based games so when we were sent Don’t Rock The Boat from University Games to review they couldn’t wait to play – especially as they are both obsessed with pirate ships at the moment!

Daddy loved trying to balance the penguins on the boat and the game kept them occupied for quite a while. I’m sure as they get older there will be more balancing going on and less boat rocking! For now they are both happy watching the penguins dive overboard and then try and balance them on again.

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