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Caboodle Bag – Throwback!

Being a kid or a teen in the ’90s, means you grew up right on the cusp of some major social changes.You went from working out many duplicates of a superstitious junk letter on folio paper with an erasable ballpoint pen, to getting your first email address (, obviously) and encountering the 24-hour reachability expedited via conveying that sweet Motorola pager (canvassed in stickers and nail clean doodles, duh). For us ’90s young ladies, maybe it was the demonstration of straddling the thin line previously, and after, the moving mechanical and social tides paving the way to the Y2K years, that is a motivation behind why we get ourselves so nostalgic about all things pre-new thousand years. Brilliant plastic, scratch n’ sniff everything, and enormous hair-couldn’t care less design was the request of the day, and we want to remember those period particular molds, and get back a tad of that youth feeling.

So how about we talk Caboodles, individual ’80s children and ’90s young ladies, and breathe in the tangible wistfulness intrinsic in these hard plastic fishing supply bags for all your woman things. On the off chance that you were a white collar class young lady who had a membership to Teen Beat, you unquestionably had one, or even two: one for everything excellence, and one for all things creating. Or on the other hand, on the off chance that you more were ballin’ on a spending like me, you got one as an extraordinary present from a cool close relative or more seasoned sister, and accumulated each and every fortune you went over inside its lustrous, pink and seafoam green drawers.

Either you kept your collection of gifted bracelets from last summer in there (hello, Miss Popular!), or you kept your yarn and bead fixin’s in there to churn one out for whoever was on your good side that week. And you probably made one for yourself with alphabet beads spelling out “hottie,” if you were really fly. Or, maybe the old standby, “2good2b4got10.”


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