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The Storm Whale – My Review

Psychologists have found that presence is the key to great parenting and yet also maintain that growing a capacity for fertile solitude is a developmental achievement for the child.

London-based illustrator and animation director Benji Davies reconciles these two contradictory demands with enormous tenderness and thoughtfulness in The Storm Whale (public library) — a beautiful belated addition to the best children’s books of 2014. A quiet meditation on what happens when solitude becomes loneliness, the story welcomes the challenges and rewards of single-parenting, celebrating the redemptive power of attentive love.

One morning, after a violent storm sweeps the island, Noi goes down to the beach and spots something curious in the distance.


It’s a great little book that my little darlings love to be read to! If you want to grab a copy it cost me £5.30 from Amazon including delivery.


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