Being a Mum!

Being a Ginger Haired Woman and Mummy!

My Mother was ginger, her dad was ginger and ages before him all had ginger hair.

Ultimately, my Daughter is ginger. She is my smaller than normal me and I am genuinely happy that I have passed my carefulness onto her – being ginger is unique, something to be glad for. Such huge numbers of individuals spend their lives attempting to appear as something else, to color their hair and influence themselves to emerge. My Daughter will never need to – She is distinctive as of now.

Tragically, in this life being diverse isn’t constantly celebrated and acknowledged. I was harassed determinedly as a young person and it made my optional school instruction a genuinely awful ordeal. I did well scholastically. I cleared out school with 9 A-C review GCSEs yet additionally with no certainty, no confidence and a genuine contempt of my hair shading. I put in the following couple of years highighting it, going blonder and blonder to attempt and shroud it and to be something else, something I never could be.

I truly trust that my Daughter never encounters the tormenting, exploitation and preference that I persisted for the 5 long stretches of optional school. Shockingly, I can’t ensure that she won’t confront a similar little mindedness and disparagement that I looked as a teenager – chiefly on the grounds that society has imparted in individuals for ages the counter ginger perspectives, making us the brunt of jokes and something to be ridiculed at each chance.

I had thought as of late that this insulting of redheads was vanishing, that it was only a stage I had survived. The last time I had heard anything ‘open’ slating ginger individuals was in 2009 when Tesco needed to expel a Christmas card from deal. It had a photo on it of a ginger tyke sitting on Santa’s knee and the motto ‘Santa Clause cherishes all children. Much ginger ones’. From that point forward I hadn’t generally heard or seen anything in the media proceeding with this pattern. That is until two or three weeks prior.

Two words: Katie Hopkins.

Katie Hopkins is more popular for having intercourse in a field than for her appearance in the Apprentice and somebody that, similar to me, you would presumably need to Google to work out who she really is.

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