Friday, 1 August 2014

#OurSummerDays Day 9


Fun on The Farm

Today we were up bright and early and we made our way to Acorn Farm. Its not to far from us and when big J was little we used to go all the time. 

It's such a lovely farm and when we arrived it hadn't changed much, well except for the cost. I think it used to be £1 each to enter with the opportunity to buy extras such as chicken feed or goat food. Now it cost £8 for us all and an extra 50p for each bag of food.

We bought some goat food and big J was in charge of feeding the animals. There is a small petting area which costs extra but I think little J is probably just a little too young so maybe next time.

I'm not sure of it was because we were there early but the goats and sheep were crazy. They were following us, trying to grab the bag and knocking each other out the way to get to the food. It was really funny. 

Big J enjoyed feeding the animals and even little J had a go. He was squealing with excitement. He loves animals and knows a dog, cat and bird so far.

After we fed the goats and sheep we went to visit the pigs. There were two big pigs and then there was a pen with 11 very excited piglets.

There were lots of chickens and hens. I'm not a fan of birds so we skipped past these.

Half way round was a lovely sensory garden with chimes and lots of plants to touch and smell.

A new edition to the farm was meerkats. They are so cute and very funny. 

On the way out we noticed a goat which had climbed up a slide that was in his pen. He was just standing on the top watching everyone.

When we finished we visited the shop and bought a souvenir each. Big J bought a meerkat teddy and little J got a friction tractor.

Had a lovely day on the farm and it's great that it's so close to home.

33 days of fun left

Thursday, 31 July 2014

#OurSummerDays Day 8

Day 8
While the Monkey is away, Mummy and Daddy didn't play.
Big J went over to New Brighton today with his friend. They had a great day, had some lunch and played mini golf.
Normally Daddy and I would have some chill time especially when little J is sleep but today I had other plans.
I went into big J's bedroom and completely transformed it. Set up a new desk, rearranged his furniture and had a good clear out. I was shattered afterwards but it was definitely worth it and it did need doing.
Little J kept Daddy company downstairs and they opened up this months Degustabox which arrived.
When big J got home he loved his new room and sat and watched a movie on his new TV.
Tomorrow we will be heading out to the Farm - 34 days of fun left