Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Why do appliances all die at the same time?

It's that time in life were all your appliances seem to die at the same time. Why?
We bought a new fridge about 6 months ago because our old one really was on it's last legs and now everything else seems to need an upgrade too.
Top of the list is a new washing machine. We went to Currys last week to have a look. Ours is a built in washing machine so costs a little more and the choice is quite limited.
We did find one which was so much better than our old one. You can load 3kg more, it's got a nice display screen, child lock, wash delay timer and all other little add ons. Ours is really out of date compared to the newer models.
It cost an extra £90 for someone to come and fit it. When we paid Daddy noticed a difference in the price by £18, when he asked the lady she said that was for delivery. So £18 to deliver on top of the £90 for some to come and fit it. £108 extra on top of the price quoted. This seemed a lot to me but Daddy said you always get charged extra for delivery and fitting.
While we were there big and little J both went to look at the TVs, I know Daddy would love a new TV but unfortunately its not a priority on our list of new things we need. 
Big J was watching a programme on a TV that cost nearly £3,000. I don't think we will be getting that one.
Little J was just crawling everywhere. The shop was empty and there were more staff than customers so he was happy up and down the aisles.
Then big J decided he was going to chase after little J so I had the pair of them crawling around the TV displays.
When the men came to deliver the washing machine they also said they will take our old one away for us. I felt ashamed when the pulled the washing machine out. It looked really old and grubby and it was all dirty and dusty behind the machine. 
Once fitted I couldn't wait to try it out. I loaded it up and on it went. As you may have read here, little J loves the washing machine and he was keen to see the new one in action. 
Also on our list of things to buy are a hoover, lawn mower, strimmer, buggy, and then possible a new TV to keep the boys happy.
Do you find everything dies at the same time? 
What's top of your 'needs replacing' list?

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Breakfast With belVita #MorningWin

Daddy has never been a breakfast eater but since I found belVita breakfast biscuits he will always make sure he grabs a pack. He will either sit down with a cup of tea or eat them on the go. We all like them but me and big J will have variety during the week, cereal or toast but for Daddy if there is no belVita he has no breakfast.
This week we were sent some belvita crunchy biscuits in three new flavours to try. Apricot, hazelnut and chocolate chip. Belvita crunchy are different to the biscuits we usually buy. They are thicker and there is only three biscuits per pack instead of the usually four. 
There are a few flavours Daddy already likes, cocoa, milk and cereal or honey and nut. I like the fruits of the forest or fruit and fibre. We tend to stock up when they are on offer in the supermarket. 
So it was time to give them a try, Daddy tried Hazelnut, I tried Apricot and Big J tried the chocolate chip.
I have to say the flavours were very tasty and the thickness of the new biscuits made me feel fuller just after two biscuits. They are harder than the normal belVita but I usually dip then in my cup of tea anyway.
One of the reasons we like belvita so much is that they slowly release carbohydrates over 4 hours. I never want to have a mid morning snack after I have ate the biscuits. I am full till lunch.
The new belVita crunchy also kept me full even though there are only three biscuits in the pack. If you see above the 3 biscuits are about the same in thickness as four of the regular belVita biscuits.
Like I said before we are a big fan of belvita and it was nice to try out new flavours. I would definitely add the crunchy versions to my shopping list but I would buy if on offer like I do now with the normal versions.
*This post is an entry for #MorningWin linky challenge sponsored by belVita Breakfast, Learn more at Belvita UK*
*we received the new flavours to try*
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