Thursday, 23 October 2014

Baby Steps

I actually cannot believe that I am writing this but oh my goodness it feels great that I am. Little J walked 8 steps alone yesterday and I am beaming with pride. A very special moment for us and especially for little J.

Over the past few weeks he has started to stand alone and has also walked lots more than he ever could, while holding on to something.

Last weekend I took him down to the waterfront for a walk and he walked all the way along holding on to the railings. It did take us nearly one hour including little breaks but he loved every minute.

He has a clam shell leg brace which is like a shin pad but it fits all the way around his leg. This is to protect his tibia from breaking and also helps to relieve pressure of his other bone.

Since he has had it fitted he seems lots more confident and along with his special shoes or any wide toe fitting shoes (like the ones in the photo) I think there is no stopping him now.

We had a feeling he may just surprise us and walk alone so we had the video camera ready on the table to point and shoot when we thought the moment would come, but he caught us off guard - the cheeky monkey.

I did manage to capture little bits on my phone but since then he hasn't walked as many steps alone.
He tends to do it more when his big brother is around.

I will try and get some footage of him tonight and post it but until then I am one very happy mummy.

Energy Drinks - Do our kids really need them?

I remember when I was little, me and my mum walked to the chemist to buy a bottle of lucozade for a relative who was sick in hospital. When we got to the hospital I remember seeing the brown cabinets next to the hospital beds on the ward and pretty much every one of them all had a bottle of Lucozade on top. 

How did it go from being available in just chemists and giving to loved ones when sick to being available for our kids to buy in every shop.

I am not a fan of energy drinks at all. Whenever we are in a shop and big J asks for a lucozade or something similar I say no. I don't like them and although this causes quite a lot of arguments between me and big J I am sticking to my opinion on this one and I won't be budged.

Big J does some sporting activities in school and he does play football on our local astro turf pitches but for me that is not enough for him to need a full bottle of an energy drink. He tells me that the footballers drink it, but the footballers train or play football probably 7 days a week, he doesn't

An average bottle or can of energy drinks can have up to 14 times more caffeine than a can of cola. That's like drinking over 7 cups of coffee in one go. I wouldn't drink that much in one go so why would I let me child?

It isn't just Lucozade that bothers me. Actually Lucozade isn't the worst one it's drinks like Monster and a Relentless. They do display warning saying high caffeine, but shops still sell them to youngsters? Why?

Like everything it's down to choice. You are either happy to let your child drink an energy drink because it's cool and their peers do or like me you put up with the arguments and sulking knowing that you have done the right thing.

Do you agree with youngsters drinking energy drinks? 

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

#Win a Barry M Loud Mouth Lip Gloss

Are you a lover of lipgloss? If so you will love my competition. I have a Barry M Loud Mouth Extreme Lip Colour to giveaway in the colour SCREAMER 

All you have to do is answer the following question as a blog comment. 

Q: what is the name of the colour of the lip gloss I am giving away?

Remember you must leave the answer as a blog comment to be entered in to the draw. 

Barry M Lip Gloss Competition

Terms and Conditions

Competition closes on Wednesday 5th November 2014 at 11:59PM
Entrants must have a valid UK address
Bulk, third party or any other entries using automated software will be disqualified
All entrants and entries are checked and verified.
All entrants must follow the mandatory step and answer the question as a blog comment.
1 lucky winner will be chosen at random by the Gleam application.
Mummy2Monkeys will contact the lucky winner within 1 day of the competition closing
The winner must respond within 28 days. If no response a new winner will be chosen.
The prize is a Barry M Loud Mouth Extreme Lip Colour In Screamer
There is no cash alternative.
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