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The Best Dumb Phone of 2022 – Or not?

The MP02, by Punkt, and The Light Phone, are just some of the new models that promise to make 2022 the year of the so-called dumb phone. Now my avid readers will know that I love a dumb phone. I am trying to detox, and am only using the internet at work now. These new models
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My review of a hybrid mattress (since refunded)

Sleep. That thing we talk about all the time. Lack thereof.... We’d owned our Sealy mattress for 9 years and after our fab first night away from the girls at Cotswold Waterpark hotel we came home to our old faithful mattress and both winced. Hubby said it first, “we need a new mattress”. But
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How do people afford to run two cars?

Well, this is a personal bugbear of mine. The best type of family car is versatile. From picking up the children from school, taking the family cat to the vets, doing the weekly shop and traveling to work, the family car is a serious multi-tasker. And so they need to be! It might be said by
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Bobby’s First Mobile – Reviewed

We all worry about our kids’ tech time and now that my son, Bobby, 4, has got his first mobile phone (lucky kid-mine was a BIG OL’ BRICK at the age of 16), it’s vital I’m in control of his usage and feel able to protect him at all times. Bobby
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Things to do with your Kids this Autumn

Family in Autumn
The days are getting shorter, and the weather is getting colder. But that doesn't mean that you and your kids have to huddle up indoors watching the TV. Spending time outoors when young can kick-start a lifelong love for adventure, and what better hobby for your children to have than to spend their time outdoors?
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The Storm Whale – My Review

Psychologists have found that presence is the key to great parenting and yet also maintain that growing a capacity for fertile solitude is a developmental achievement for the child. London-based illustrator and animation director Benji Davies reconciles these two contradictory demands with enormous tenderness and thoughtfulness in The Storm Whale (public library) — a beautiful belated
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Being a Ginger Haired Woman and Mummy!

My Mother was ginger, her dad was ginger and ages before him all had ginger hair. Ultimately, my Daughter is ginger. She is my smaller than normal me and I am genuinely happy that I have passed my carefulness onto her – being ginger is unique, something to be glad for. Such huge numbers of individuals
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MyNameTags Giveaway – with Boots

I really hate spending precious time labeling clothes, as a busy mummy. Kids lose a lot of stuff when they are at school it seems or they swap parts of their PE kits without realising! If you want to have a chance at keeping their clothes you must label them clearly! My Nametags recently got