Saturday, 18 April 2015

Beat The Bulge #2

I have found it quite hard to stick to my slimming world plan this week which I am embarrassed about really as it is only week 2. I think with it being the Easter holidays and no real routine at home I have been snacking during the day and I definitely haven't drank as much water as I usually would.

I did try and rein it back in towards the end of this week and I tried to resist the easter eggs that were calling me from the cupboard. It is just so hard. I am hoping that I can get my mind focused on this next week when I return to work. It will be about 5 or 6 weeks before the children break up again for half term so I am hoping to shift some weight in that time.

So this week I did try and exercise, I got out my exercise bike and I am pleased that over the 3 days I did it I cycled for 92 mins and burnt off 400 calories. I know that doesn't sound a lot but its a start and its 400 calories that would have just been sat on my hips.

I have to admit I was a little nervous about getting on the scales as I knew I had put on weight but I didn't want to undo everything I had lost last week.

I was surprised when I had lost.

18/04/15 -1lb

Total loss so far -5lbs

So my goals for next week.

Drink plenty of water.

No evening snacks. 
This is what lets me down because when little J is in bed and Daddy and I watch some TV I always think of tea and biscuits or tea and cake.

Do at least 60 minutes on my exercise bike each day. 
When watching TV in the evening I'm gonna reach for my bike and not the biscuit tin.

Walk more. 
I love walking and its great now the sun is shining to go for an afternoon stroll with little J. 

See you next week.

Friday, 17 April 2015

Octonauts Arrive At CBeebies Land

Alton Towers is a special place for us, we try to go many times a year especially on special occasions. To celebrate little J's birthday we took him to CBeebies land in Alton Towers. The Octonauts have arrived this year so it was a perfect chance for us to try out the new rollercoaster.

We drove down the night before and stayed in the Premier Inn, Trentham Gardens. We usually stay in  the Alton Towers hotel but as we were late booking we decided on the Premier Inn. 

We arrived late so there was not a lot to see as it was dark although we did notice a Frankie and Benny's close by and what looked like a shopping village.

Keep an eye out for my review of the hotel. It's perfect for those visiting Alton Towers.

When we arrived at Alton Towers little J wasn't feeling too good.  He actually slept for most of the morning. We decided to head to the big rides and let big J have some fun while little J slept. 

Big J looking relaxed before his first time on Smiler

There are a few big rides that big J hasn't tried yet, Oblivion, Smiler and Nemisis. Today he decided he would try smiler. We arrived at around 10:30 and the queue was already 80 Minutes long.  Luckily we had fast track tickets so we were able to skip the queue and we went on within five minutes. It was my first time on smiler too and I have to say I was a little nervous. Once we were sat  I could feel my heart racing. The ride which does 14 loops is actually very exciting and I loved every minute and so did big J. 

He loved it that much he went on again with daddy. He got a trophy to say he had been corrected by the Smiler. 

Little J was still asleep so we decided to go on a few more big rides. Thirteen was closed unfortunately So we went on Rita, Air and Blade.

The entrance to the new Octonauts Rollercoaster

The Track

Looks really good

Once he was awake we headed over to CBeebies Land to check out the Octonauts Rollercoaster. We were so disappointed when we we were told little J was too small. It's such a shame because it looked really good and I know he would have enjoyed it. Maybe next time. 

For those that have been to Alton Towers before you may recall that over in Cloud Cuckoo Land you are able to purchase a driving licence with photo once your little one has been on the Driving School. I noticed something very similar at the end of the Octonauts Rollercoaster Ride. I didn't get a good view as we didn't go on the ride but I saw a little girl with one around her neck on a lanyard. We used to buy these for big J when he was littler, I think they are a great idea. 

So although we couldn't go on the new ride we still enjoyed CBeebies Land. Iggle Piggle was available for a meet and greet and we were able to purchase a photograph which we hadn't seen before so that was good. We actually pre purchased a photopass when we arrived - its 4 photos for £25 and they don't have to be used all on the same day. You can save some for a visit later on in the year.

We will probably be returning to the park in May so keep your eye out for our thoughts on the Octonauts Ride (if little J grows in the meantime)

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Flashback Friday 17/04/2015

Although I am not hosting Flashback Friday as a linky anymore I still want to post old photos as I love looking back at photographs and want to share some of our past with you all.

Flashback Photo - Big J's transition from Cot to Bed 2005

I have been looking through old photos of big J when he was younger trying to find out when he moved from the cot to bed. I knew he was a little older than little J because I remember him being in our room till at least two. We had a room for him we just didn't decorate it and I'm not sure why really. At the time we only had two bedrooms so it was our spare room really and became a dumping ground for all sorts. When we finally got round to moving into his own room we did make sure that it was a bed and not the cot.  I was shocked to see that we didn't make the move until he was already 3. I really can't remember if he wasn't showing signs of being ready or whether it was just circumstances that took us so long to make the move. It wasn't easy and he wasn't a good sleeper at all. 

We have just moved little J to his own bed and I am hoping he takes to it a little better than his brother did...fingers crossed.