Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Nerf Wars

I know we won't be the only ones that have spent many days and nights having our very own Nerf wars, in our living room. Nerf fights are just so much fun and we have played with Nerf for as long as I can remember. I don't think there has been one birthday or christmas were we haven't got a brand new Nerf gun, well maybe thats a fib because I can't imagine Father Christmas bringing a Nerf gun for big J's first Christmas.

So over the years we have built up quite the collection and we still use each and every one of them at some point during our fights. So last night we turned our living room into the battle arena and we set up bases for each of us. Now when I say each of us I mean Daddy, big J and myself. Now little J is very keen to join in and will be found wandering around with a unloaded blaster in his hand but he hasn't quite got the hang of it yet. He doesn't understand that we need to run and hide when there is a sponge bullet flying towards us, somehow though he manages to dodge the bullets with ease and seems to have a great time.

Big J somehow manages to swap his gun at least five times during a battle and will pause the game while he tries to pick up bullets that have flew around the living room. 

Last night I was using my new Nerf Rebelle that I had bought myself, its pink, purple and white and its just for girls, so all mine. I did cheat a little as I used little J's castle tent as my base so it was very easy to hide from the bullets but also sneaky enough to peek through the hole and shoot at my opponents. 

Usually we do have one casualty at some point in the game, someone will get hit in the face or worse the eye and that someone is usually me but somehow last night I was pain free and had lots of fun. 
I always say I am gonna count how many bullets we use per game because I am sure lots go missing throughout as we always finish with a lots less than we started, we usually find them behind the TV or other crazy places for weeks after.

Have you ever had your own Nerf battle?

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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Justafit - The Perfect Sleepsuit For Little J

When big J was little we had a terrible time getting clothes to fit him. It was fine if we bought separates but buying a tracksuit or pyjamas was a nightmare. He was always a larger size on top than he was on the bottoms. He had a longer top half and shorter legs. It really was hard because pyjamas in particular use to be so long we would end up having to roll them up around the waist and turn then up at the bottom too. Little J definitely takes after his big brother and its already becoming a problem when buying pyjamas. We recently have been trying out Justafit sleepsuit by Infasense and its perfect for our little monkey.

We have been trying out age 2-3 now little J is only 22 months but its a perfect fit up top. It buttons up the front and while he is sat playing it isn't popping open or gaping. Now the legs are a little long, as I said earlier he is only short from waist to toe. 

The Justafit sleep suit is perfect for little ones like my little J because no matter how long the legs are you can easily adjust the length by using the velcro straps. 

The velcro which is around the ankle is fastened to keep the sleepsuit legs in place. This reduces the risk of little J tripping over and it also shows me that there is still plenty of room for him to grow into it so he should get plenty of wear. 

There is also velcro around the wrist too which is perfect for little ones who find the sleeves of their clothes get in the way while playing and eating.

I love little J in sleepsuit's and he always looks very comfortable whilst sleeping, playing and walking around. 

The Justafit sleep suit comes in five colours and the sizes range from 6 months - 3 years. You can buy online by clicking HERE 

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*we were sent a justafit sleep suit in return for a honest review. All thoughts, opinions and photos above are our own*

Monday, 26 January 2015

Project 365 Days 19-25

Welcome to this weeks Project 365. This week has flew over, its crazy that its Monday again already. It will soon be February. I have noticed its started to get lighter earlier in the mornings now, makes getting up for work and school that little bit easier.

19/365 - Little J received an new toy from his uncle Paul, his very own JCB and he loves it. Its got a horn on it too and he loves pressing it...all the time.

20/365 - Today we had a huge Nerf gun battle in our living room. Big J tried to his new Nerf Zombie Strike gun. Foam bullets flying everywhere but it was lots of fun.

21/365 - I've ate this pretty much every day this week. Chicken, lettuce, tomato, sweetcorn and sweet chilli sauce. I love it. Today I was feeling a littler hungry so I added some pasta to it.

22/365 - Today I got a lovely delivery from Tesco of lots of protein filled foods to help me with the #proteinchallenge I a taking part of thanks to Upbeat. Keep an eye out for how I get on.

23/365 - We got our new beds delivered today which I thought was exciting but big and little J were more excited about jumping and playing on the old mattresses. 

24/365 - A very cold day today but that didn't stop us wrapping up warm and heading of to New Brighton for a late afternoon stroll, a quick go on the arcades and to the pub for tea.

25/365 - No one can make little J smile like this except his big brother.

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