Thursday, 18 September 2014

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

The Blackpool lights switch on happened last week and its probably my favourite time to head up to Blackpool. I do love it when its nice and sunny but there is something special about Blackpool as it turns into Autumn. The lights come on and it looks amazing.
There is so much to see and do in Blackpool but probably our favourite is The Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

We do try and visit at least once a year and go on all the rides but so far this year we haven't had a chance to so it was great to go when the lights were on.
To enter the Pleasure Beach you do have to buy a wristband and it may work out cheaper to buy online before you go. I'll talk about prices at the end.
The rides haven't changed much over the years.

We went on the Grand National, The Wild Mouse and The Flying Machines when we first entered the park. 

Big J loves the Grand National, its two rollercoasters on two separate tracks that race alongside each other. 

The Wild Mouse is a crazy ride and you think you are going to come off the tracks when it goes around the corner. 

The Flying Machines are like aeroplanes that go out and round in a circle. They do go quite high.
Big J enjoying the sea breeze on The Flying Machines
  Next it was over to Nickelodeon Land. This is included in the price of your ticket and there are lots of rides for all ages.

Little J loved it here. We went on Diego's Rainforest Rescue which is a balloon ride but you can spin the balloons as its up in the air. 

Fairy World Taxi is a taxi ride but again you can go up in the air at the press of a button.

 Little J loved the Wonder Pets Big Circus Bounce. Its a sit in ride that goes round and bounces as it goes. Very funny.

Big J and Daddy loved the Avatar Airbender, that is them in the above photo with their hands up. The Nickelodeon streak is another rollercoaster.

Just towards the outskirts of Nickelodeon Land is Big Pizza Kitchen.

 Its an all you can eat Pizza, Pasta and Salad buffet. We have been to something very similar in Alton Towers and its just perfect when you have little ones who just want to eat and get back on the rides. There is no waiting just help yourself. For me it wasn't as nice as Alton Towers one but my monkeys enjoyed it.

Next we walked over towards the Avalanche. This is another ride Big J loves to go on. Its a thrill ride but I wouldn't call it a rollercoaster. You are taken up on a track and then its a free fall ride designed like a bob sled.

Close by was the Eddie Stobart ride which is just a little truck ride. Little J liked this one too.

The Laughing Men.

It was back to Nickelodeon Land for more rides. We went on Bikini Bottom Tour and Dora's World Voyage. Then we met a few characters. There is a stage and characters come out for set times. We managed to meet Spongebob and Patrick and have our photo graph taken with them.

 When we were paying for our photo little J escaped and crawled back towards the stage. I picked him up and tried to carry him away but he screamed. He loves meeting characters so much but it was someone else's turn. So I had to take him away. He got really upset so Spongebob ran over to see him and gave him a big kiss.

We also got the chance to meet Poppy cat too.

It was almost time for the Pleasure Beach to close so we headed to the Nickelodeon Shop to buy a souvenir before we had to go home. All the items were reasonably priced. Both boys chose a Spongebob souvenir.

Big J got the biggest Slush Puppie I had ever seen for the journey home.

It was almost 8 o'clock when we left so the sky was just about to go dark and all the lights came on.

Driving home and looking at the lights.

We had a lovely day at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Blackpool is only an hour drive away from us so not to bad for a day out.

So how much does it cost?

Like I said earlier Blackpool Pleasure Beach uses a wristband entry system. On the door a single wristband costs £29.99 for an adult and £26.99 for a child. If bought online before you go you can save upto £8 per wristband at the moment. Also you can opt for a family wristband which for us - 2 adults and 2 children would cost £80.

For us it was a nice change to visit Blackpool Pleasure Beach as we usually go to Alton Towers this time of year because we are Merlin Pass Holders so our entry is already paid for.

We will definitely visit again as usual as it is a nice day out and with Nickelodeon Land, there is lots more for little J to do there too.

You can always visit the website offers page before you plan to go to see if you can save any more money.

Have you visited Blackpool Pleasure Beach? What is your favourite ride?

*we were provided with a family wristband to visit and provide an honest review*

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

They Say An Only Child Is A Lonely Child

I honestly didn't expect big J to adapt to being a big brother as quickly as he did. He had been on his own for almost 11 years, then suddenly this other person popped up and wanted and needed lots of attention. 
Big J spent those 11 years being the only child and only grandchild too. I was an only child and I never really thought about it much. I may have said in passing that I would love a brother or a sister but that would be all really. I never needed a brother or a sister I was quite happy on my own.

They say an only child is a lonely child but I never saw myself as lonely and I never looked at Big J that way either.

He has lots of friends and never had a problem socialising or making new friends. He would have friends over for tea or come with us on days out and I think that would have happened anyway even if there was a brother or a sister. We never just invited kids over or out with us because he was an only child, it was because that's just what we do, even now.

Big J was never one for playing alone and he would always play with us but that didn't bother us. I love playing and big J knew that so we would always get stuck in. 

Growing up I loved playing with my mum and dad but I also loved playing alone too. I had lots of friends but I did enjoy my own company and I am still like that now. I love it sometimes when I have the house to myself or little J is sleeping. I never get bored and can keep myself entertained, pottering round. 

I had a thought this morning that because there is a huge age gap between my two monkeys, little J might at times feel like an only child. We are happy being a family of four so there won't be any additions in the future so growing up little J will be just the same as big J really. 

The thought didn't make me sad or feel the need to have another baby it was just a thought that I hope little J will be able to make friends as easily as his brother. 

What do you think of a big age gap?

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